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Our Foundation, in collaboration with the RADical Hope Foundation, is now scheduling multi-week programs designed to improve mental health, social engagement and organization in 16-18 year olds. For more information on how we can enroll your organization, please contact us at

Let's Talk About It

To be offered in local churches, community centers, and high schools, this series of lectures and services for the San Diego community aims to remove the stigma of mental health challenges and empower adolescents and young adults to get the necessary help prior to experiencing a crisis. The project will be led by JTGF Board Member Herb Martin, PhD, President of the Peak Performance Consulting Group. 

Jayden T. Gillespie
Memorial Scholarship

In 2022, the inaugural Jayden T. Gillespie Memorial Scholarship, to be given each year to deserving Art Students, was awarded to Andrew Washington, a Film, Television and Media Services student at Loyola Marymount  University, seen here with the Gillespie family. An endowment for this scholarship was seeded with a grant from our Foundation of more than $80,000.00, the proceeds from our first annual Jayden T. Gillespie Invitational Golf Tournament and other donations.

Last year, Jayden T. Gillespie Memorial Scholarships were awarded to four outstanding young scholars, Film and Television Production majors Yvonne El-Amin and Royce Haddock, and Screenwriting majors Isis Gullette and Kahley Burwell. 


Yvonne El-Amin ’26
Film and Television Production

“Your investment in my education and, by extension, in my dreams of becoming a film director, is a gift that I truly cherish. Your belief in my potential has not only lightened the financial burden of pursuing higher education but has also ignited a sense of purpose and determination in my journey. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to focus on my studies and to engage in meaningful extracurricular activities, honing my skills in storytelling, cinematography, and film production.”

Isis Gullette ’27


“I come from a low-income, single-parent household on the south side of Chicago and I knew from the start that attending college would be near impossible for me if I didn't receive ample amounts of both federal and institutional aid and scholarships. This is why this scholarship and thus your donation means so much to me. Without scholarships like this, many students in similar situations as me would not be able to attend college. Thank you for getting me one step closer to being the first in my family to earn a college degree.”

Royce Haddock ’27
Film and Television Production

“Because of your help, my college experience has been infinitely more fulfilling. I've been able to live on campus—which has allowed me to foster deeper connections with my classmates, friends, events, clubs, organizations, the city of Los Angeles, and the campus culture as a whole. Therefore, once again because of your support, it then becomes easier to achieve one of my ultimate career goals, becoming a director and screenwriter with the financial success to be able to invest back in my community. For that, I'm most grateful.”


Kahley Burwell ’27

“I am a first-year screenwriting major who couldn't be more grateful to be able to attend Loyola Marymount University's film school. This is a blessing I do not take lightly. I am here not only for myself but for the generations before me as well as after. I am the first out of my entire family to make it to college. I would not be in this position if I was not being funded to have this education. I vow to not let anyone down. I am working to make every day count.”

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